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<cr1901> Amanieu: Oh dear... was this supposed to happen?
<Amanieu> Yea, you need to update the GCC and cranelift backends too.
<Amanieu> I think ./ check will make sure they compile.
<cr1901> Oops
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<agg> Amanieu: could you try leaving and re-joining this room to see if it helps the irc bridge? sorry for the trouble...
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<Amanieu> test
<agg> it seems to have made a puppet for you on matrix but the puppet isn't in the matrix room...
<agg> no joy :/
<agg> hifi: any idea what could be going on with heisenbridge? seems to exist on matrix and the name is pilled when mentioned here, but they're not in user list and none of the messages make it through
<agg> but it works OK for everyone else it seems
<agg> restarting heisenbridge hasn't helped, and I can't kick that user since they're already not in the room
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<cr1901> Why won't Libera add this channel to their official bridge?
<agg> it's a mess
<agg> you can join it through the official bridge at from matrix actually
<Amanieu> Should I try reconnecting to libera?
<agg> but, all the matrix users are in, which is a different room; the new official libera bridge can't bring an existing matrix room into irc afaik
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<agg> Amanieu: you could try but I don't think the bridge would see that any different to you leaving this channel so I don't think it would make a difference...
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<agg> cr1901: and then the second problem: we still don't own this channel on the libera side because it needs someone from rust core to register #rust namespace with them and delegate #rust-embedded to us, as we had on freenode
<cr1901> Ahhh, and presumably Freenode was before everyone on upstream Rust became allergic to IRC?
<agg> well we asked them to do it then too and they did
<agg> I'll try pinging core again
<agg> ping sent
<cr1901> tyvm
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<re_irc> <> agg I think you've not updated the bridge for like 6 months, hard to say anymore as a lot has changed
<re_irc> <> also there were issues with Dendrite originally
<re_irc> <> Heh. I updated to the latest version with python 3.7 support a few days ago to see if it would help but no difference
<re_irc> <> Anything I can do to purge the current matrix user and force it to remake it?
<re_irc> <> the major change that could make a difference was the next version
<re_irc> <> 1.7.1 iirc
<re_irc> <> there's a good chance it works with 3.7 anyway
<re_irc> <> Pip won't let me install it from pypi but I will try and force its hand and if not I'll install a newer python
<re_irc> <> Thanks for the tip
<re_irc> <> but I think the real issue is with Dendrite as if restarting doesn't help its lying to the bridge 😅
<re_irc> <> I could believe it... I'll give that a kick too.
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<re_irc> <> since the latest version is using mautrix it's more likely to work with Dendrite as I don't remember anyone complaining any mautrix bridge but working with it
<re_irc> <> cr1901: Does your PR support doing arithmetic/bitwise instructions directly on memory locations (like in `msp430-atomic`)?
<cr1901> yuhanliin: No, that's beyond the scope of rust inline asm
<cr1901> Meaning until something that supports directly operating on memory locations is supported, there's gonna be a small size penalty for atomics
<cr1901> Still far superior to refcell/cell dance tho
<cr1901> Yuhanliin: If you're asking "can rust inline asm, especially msp430, access memory locations?", then: yes, yes it can. And I already adapted msp430-atomic to the new syntax, and tested a deployed firmware
<cr1901> Everything's working fine aside from the 50 byte or so size penalty
<re_irc> <> Is it possible to feature gate a defmt test with a feature of the hal dependency? I tried something with
<re_irc> <> ```rust
<re_irc> <> #[test]
<re_irc> <> #[cfg(feature = "lpc546xx-hal/flexcomm-10")]
<re_irc> <> You probably want to add a "local" feature
<re_irc> <> like
<re_irc> <> ```toml
<re_irc> <> test001 = ["lpc546xx-hal/flexcomm-10"]
<re_irc> <> [features]
<re_irc> <> its kind of sketchy but that works, thanks!
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<agg> (testing bridge, ignore)
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<re_irc> <Lachlan Sneff> Does anyone know of a crate that has a "Vec<T, N>", where the backing memory is a "&'static mut", instead of an inline array?
<Lumpio-> Does it need an N type parameter if you have a slice
<re_irc> <Lachlan Sneff> I would prefer the memory to actually be "&mut static [T; N]"
<re_irc> <Lachlan Sneff> So, ideally yes
<re_irc> <dirbaio> just use "&'static mut heapless::Vec<T, N>"
<re_irc> <dirbaio> it doesn't directly exist because it'd be super awkward to use: you wouldn't be able to (safely) create it, nor clone it..
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