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<jaeger> KDE has come a *long* way with plasma from kde4/non-plasma... maybe even better than MATE these days
<beerman> so you got that working now?
<jaeger> Not with wayland, don't think that's going to be possible
<jaeger> But with X it works great
<ivandi> KDE with wayland works great in opensuse leap
<jaeger> same in arch
<jaeger> Both of them use systemd
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<ivandi> afaik it works on slackware with elogind
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<jaeger> I tried elogind as well with no success... but if someone does have it running on slackware with elogind I'd like to know what I'm missing :)
<jaeger> It's certainly possible I'm just missing some configuration
<beerman> i am not entirely sure, but is kwin basically the wm component for the whole desktop which is just not working for something? might this be a drop in replacement that might work? https://gitlab.com/kwinft/kwinft
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<jaeger> Worth a look
<jaeger> I have my office partially disassembled converting a desk to a standing desk but will give it a try later
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<ivandi> well, just installed slackware-15.0 and can confirm that KDE Plasma(Wayland) works fine
<jaeger> And slackware 15 doesn't use systemd?
<ivandi> no, elogind only
<jaeger> OK, thanks for the data point/testing
<ivandi> btw did you configure PAM with elogind
<jaeger> I thought so but maybe no correctly, heh
<jaeger> Can you pastebin the elogind and pam configs if it's convenient to do so? I can compare them later when my office is back in order
<ivandi> system-auth: http://sprunge.us/GNtE2O
<ivandi> postlogin: http://sprunge.us/1Vipqw
<ivandi> pstree: http://sprunge.us/ggT4yZ
<jaeger> Thanks
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