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<vext01> hi
<vext01> tried to add some nightly builds to our buildbot instance
<vext01> using this fragment:
<vext01> it ran builds, but for random repos...
<vext01> any idea why?
<vext01> one theory is that its cloning the last repo that it ran a build for, ignoring the url in the codebases argument
<vext01> seems to be to do with createAbsoluteSourceStamps=True
<vext01> killing that seems to make it work
<sknebel> TheOnlyJoey: I think the schedulers config for the repos would be relevant to your issue
<cmouse> fg
<cmouse> whups
<Zash> cmouse, it's dangerous to go alone, take this: ^Z
<cmouse> =)
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<TheOnlyJoey> ugh got disconnected
<TheOnlyJoey> sknebel: Using a SingleBranchSecheduler in this case
<TheOnlyJoey> I kind of assumed the problem was in the GitPoller though, since a force build did compile without forcing index
<TheOnlyJoey> As it only does the 'git checkout' step on the gitpoller's builds (without it just git pull's and does not care)
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<glogan> Is there a way to up the column lengths in the DB?
<glogan> I'm seeing stuff like buildbot.config.errors.ConfigErrors: Step ShellCommand name 'Ensure ingest script requirements are present in env' exceeds maximum length of 50 more than I'd like
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