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<abby> I messaged the buildbot irc bot once and now i keep getting direct messaged by it. is it possible to tell it to stop? this buildbot install is v0.8.12
<dol-sen> WOW, talk about being years out of date...
<abby> yeah we can't really update the infra right now, but it is being worked on...
<abby> i believe it was attempted before but everything went up in flames or something
<dol-sen> yeah, htere are migration changes needed to builders
<dol-sen> but it is a lot better afterwards
<abby> the migration path we're going to do is transitioning from ansible-controlled builders/controller to nomad services, from what i see
<dol-sen> so your using ansible scripts to hit bbot api points to run them
<dol-sen> at my work (years ago) was opposite...
<abby> no, to control the configuration of the nodes
<dol-sen> used bbot to run ansible scripts to take down servers, upgrade their image ant start them back up
<abby> all builds are triggered by git/github
<dol-sen> as to your irc problem, I found this: notify on|off|list EVENT
<dol-sen> looks like you need to private msg it with that again
<dol-sen> don't know if that applies to the old code though
<dol-sen> for comparison, here is the link to zorry's work for Gentoo:
<abby> what I was unclear on was whether using notify off would turn it off for the channel notices too
<dol-sen> doc seems to indicate not if a private message
<dol-sen> at least the way I read it
<abby> <void-builder> The following events are being notified: []
<abby> seemed to work
<abby> i don't have admin for bbot so i'd expect it to fail if it was changing the notify status for everyone
<dol-sen> there is pm_to_nicks option as well
<dol-sen> I'm sure you'll soon find out if it just turned off for you
<abby> the fact that it started after i pm'd it tells me that that config option wouldn't apply, i think
<dol-sen> I think it stores pm msg config in it's own db, so restarts will maintain the additional reporting
<dol-sen> I think it would need a manual db reset or edit to remove it otherwise
<abby> ok i just confirmed in the channel, it still has failure in notify list, so everything is fine
<dol-sen> :D
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