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<DC-IRC> [Discord] <rpardini> Radxa lists a new 8gb RAM A311D, Zero2Pro. Is it real / the first 8gb meson64?
<DC-IRC> [Discord] <c0rnelius77> Are you sure its not an A311D2?
<DC-IRC> [Discord] <narmstrong> Yeah a311d only has a 32bit physical memory space so it supports only 3.5gib of a 4gib ddr
<DC-IRC> [Discord] <c0rnelius77> The zero2pro is the zero2 renamed and is a311d at 4GB. I was interested in checking it out when it was first announced, but it took so long to release I lost interest.
<DC-IRC> [Discord] <rpardini> I saw it on Arace, via Liliputting. It's probably a mistake.