<Armbian-Discord> <M​icroLinux (Salva)> Which platform?
<Armbian-Discord> <M​icroLinux (Salva)> If so, that's a good sign I guess, that means that the platform has hw brightness control and that the application used it. That's my guess
<Armbian-Discord> <M​icroLinux (Salva)> So it's configurable on that specific app
<Armbian-Discord> <M​icroLinux (Salva)> They are games like open jedy knight that only use hw brightness control, and bc that doesnt works, then you can't do anything regarding brightness and the game looks extremely dark.
<Armbian-Discord> <M​icroLinux (Salva)> Can you test if redshift works on thst platform
<Armbian-Discord> <M​icroLinux (Salva)> I am curious
<Armbian-Discord> <M​icroLinux (Salva)> Redshift is a well known eye care software on linux, and needs those display driver features